When you choose iMedSolutions, you choose a company who will remain dedicated to providing quality delivery of anesthesia in outpatient settings across the country. Don’t take our word for it – see how iMedSolutions has helped provide excellent care for the patients and surgeons we serve.

I’m very happy with iMedSolutions. They provide excellent anesthesia and take really good care of my patients. They’re very flexible – if we need to make adjustments in the schedule, or if something comes up, they work with us. They’re very good to work with, and I don’t really have to worry about the anesthesia part of the case because I know that it’s taken care of.

Plastic surgeon

iMedSolutions has been providing our anesthesia for several years. They reliable with an outstanding staff. If you’re looking for an anesthesia group, iMedSolutions should be your choice.


We’ve been using iMedSolutions anesthesia group as our anesthesia provider since 2011. They’re a quality anesthesia group providing excellent care for our patients, and they are highly recommended.

Orthopedic Surgeon

I’ve had a great experience working with the anesthesiologists and CRNAs from iMedSolutions. They’re professional, personable and easy to work with. We’re really committed to the same thing – quality patient outcomes.

Registered Nurse

Working with iMedSolutions solutions the last three years has been a great experience for us here. They’re very dependable, and they have an awesome anesthesia team. Anybody in a surgical center or hospital that has been looking for anesthesiologist, iMedSolutions would be the place to go!

GI Practice Manager

iMedSolutions has been providing our anesthesia service for years. We’re very pleased with the quality of care that their anesthesia providers have given to our patients. They’re very dependable and easy to work with. They send providers over to us very quickly and we’re just overall very happy with the services we’ve received!

ASC Administrator

Contracting iMedSolutions was a wise choice for our center. The anesthesiologists possess superior clinical and interpersonal skills. I would highly recommend you would choose iMedSolutions for all your anesthesia needs.

ASC Administrator

We’ve been working with iMedSolutions now for several years. We find their staff to be very confident, professional, and dependable, and we would highly recommend using them for your anesthesia needs.

ASC Administrator